Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life Streams

Streaming Life
Near Tannersville, NY

Life stops for no one.  Even when it appears to stop because of difficulty, life streams traverse the obstacles along its way.  Life not only has velocity it also charts along its own vector.    The flow keeps coming from an abundant source.  Sometimes we are the spectators along the shore and at other times we are adrift in the middle of a cascade.

We don't know where it will ultimately take us, but we feel the undulation as we step into its waters.  We sense the current that wants us to move with it.  Most of my life, I've spent resisting and fighting the current.  Lately, I've been learning to harness the its energy and to let life lead me both in velocity and vector.  In so doing, I conserve and renew my energy.  My body and mind are less fatigued.  The best thing I can do is tap into the energy source.

The roar of the water is getting louder now and I can sense what is around the next bend.  It's inevitable, but I am ready to follow the current.  I need to ride the stream to where ever it will lead.  There's no time to be afraid of the waters that I have chosen to navigate.  The shore is always near by.

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