Sunday, July 3, 2011

End of The Line

End of The Line
Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
I would hate come to the end of my life to find out that I had not lived
Henry David Thoreau

Mom's journey is coming to an accelerated end.  We've been fortunate to enjoy her sense of humor for all these years and equally fortunate to have been well fed by her incredible cooking.

Yesterday, I said good bye for perhaps the last time.  I held her hand and mentioned my name;  she opened her eyes and said my name.  I stroked her face and forehead and brushed back her hair.  I kissed her, as I had all these years, on her forehead and asked her blessing perhaps for the last time.

The circle is near complete.  All the preparations are in process.  Some details will be ironed out.  Now I need to start thinking about what to write and say to all the people that loved my mother, my family, her surviving brothers, nephews and nieces, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

The sorrow I feel  needs to be offset by the joy that my mother left us with.  She made life better that was her gift to all of us.  Now I have to give back something to all those that will attend.  I want them to feel my mother's presence and humor.

Life is good.  It has moments of despair but darkness always precedes the morning light.  I am so grateful that I can enjoy the morning light.  I will always recall the clatter of pots and pans that my mother awakened us with as she commenced her morning cooking.  Mornings are also good.  The darkness never lasts too long.  I am grateful for the promise of light and feel awakened once again.

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  1. I remember those last moments with my mom, as she was in her hospital bed. She was comatose. Though she likely couldn't hear me, I knew she could hear me. It was a matter of weeks or days. I leaned down to hear and let her know: "It's okay to go. You can go and be with Papa." I got the call about a week later as I was away on business.

    Things change and then they don't change. The closeness you have with your parents is something I never experienced. You were and are blessed. Peace and prayers to you and your family Al.


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