Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pursuing Passion

Taking It In
Zabriske Point, Death Valley, CA

For a great deal of my life, I've done what  was expected of me and worked towards saving for retirement.  My plan was to do what I wanted at age 66.  I was going to sacrifice my life and in the interim look forward to weekends and vacations taken as extended weekend vacations.  Not once did did it cross my mind to follow or chase my passion and dreams right now.  Not once did I pay attention to what I wanted to do.

It seems that I buried my self many years ago.  The writing stopped as did any of my other creative pursuits including photography.  Now, I find myself challenged to pursue not only earning a living but also pursuing my passions.  You might say, I am living a very real life chicken egg scenario where the money will follow if I pursue my passion.  

As frightening as all of this sounds, I feel compelled to let go of my self imposed exile and fear and move forward in the direction of my dreams.  My father did the same as he left his manufacturing trade and apprenticed as a baker.  For the first time in his life, he got to enjoy his creativity from start to finish.  Dad wasn't truly successful until his early 70's.  He was however very happy working his dream.  

We are educated to work for others.  Our skill sets are molded to meet the expectations and requirements of  the corporate world.  In the process, we sublimate our creative selves, our core and identity.

My sisters are very talented and educated.  The oldest sister is a retired Spanish language teacher.  Her passion has always been sewing, knitting, and now quilting.   Prior to retiring she formed a club the high school where she taught.  She and her students boys and girls knitted caps for premature babies and donated them to the local hospitals.  My other sister has always been a prolific writer, organizer, and chocolate maker.  She makes all kinds of chocolate treats that turn frowns into decadent smiles.

All of us have creative talents.  Could it be that all of us would be happier if we simply pursued what we are good at instead of what we were taught to do?  Is it possible that our unhappiness stems from suppressing our personalities and passions?  If we are passionate about something, wouldn't we be motivated to succeed at it?  I don't have the answers but I am ready to put it to the test.

By the way, March will mark my one year anniversary of writing this blog.  The photography continues as well.  I've been thinking of putting all of my blogs and images into a book.  All of my images are for sale and available as prints and affordable gift card sets.  Please contact me.

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