Monday, February 21, 2011

Stuff on My Mind

Reading Glasses at Rest
Somewhere between Dallas and Las Vegas

Saturday was a busy day.  I had a list of things I wanted to get accomplished before leaving to attend on Sunday morning a wedding photographers convention in Las Vegas.  My list to myself included:  go to bank to deposit and withdraw money, pay bills, help son move, see old friend Joe (perhaps for the last time), make portrait print of Joe on glossy metallic paper, go with Carter and shoot practice wedding cake, and to pack clothes and camera gear.

The most important thing on the list was to visit Joe.  It won't be long now.  He was at his daughter's home resting before he leaves on his trip.  It's been an amazing journey for my friend.  I visited him but he was not awake.  I could hear him breathing shallowly and coughing occasionally.  I don't think he was in much pain.  He still was the center of attention surrounded by the women who adore him.  I'm sure its exactly the way he wants.  He's been in the driver's seat all along.

If Joe is ready to leave then I have to be willing to let him go.  I owe that courtesy to my friend.  My final tribute to Joe will be a very simple  print.  Joe knew I was capturing him for all of us not to forget him.  Truthfully, it's hard to forget his smile.  That's the man I became friends with.  He befriended all of us with his smile and his humor.  Rest up Joe, you have a long trip ahead of you.  Thanks for stopping by and making us all feel better with your presence.  We will always think of you and we will name smiles after you.

I am in Vegas now and I need to think of how I can capture smiles and essence.  That's my job to tell and archive visual stories that others can enjoy.  

Pray for those that Joe will leave behind.  Pray that we all find our Joe smiles again.  I will miss my breakfast companion, mentor, and friend.  When I die, I also want to be surrounded by friends.  I want to be like Joe.  I've got to go, I've got things to do and stuff on my mind.  Hope to make some more friends though, just like Joe.

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  1. Joe was a lucky man to have a friend like you, and you I am sure were fortunate to have Joe. That was a very inspirational tribute with out going over the top. Just a wonderful way to get that stuff off your mind. Hope Joe watches over you when you play Red 7 at the table.
    Good luck at the convention.
    some time check out my daughters site at she does wedding photography etc.


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