Friday, February 4, 2011

View From the Cave

View From Cave
Zion National Park

My cave is very comfortable.  It's so easy for me not to venture out.  The view  however, is beautiful from my perch and it beckons me to venture out.  Although I am fearful, I am equally curious about what awaits me.  Fear holds me back and curiosity and faith propel me forward along with a swift kick in the ass by my best friend and soulmate Kim.  She sees in me what I don't see or comprehend.

I've been content in my cave all these years, but necessity and my own desire to live and explore are forcing me to journey onward.  The journey's final destination is our own mortality.  The clock ticks regardless of weather we are standing still or moving forward.  It makes more sense to move forward.  

Today, I choose to move forward along my journey.  Time does not stand still.  The hands mark the seconds, minutes, and hours that turn into days, months, and years.  This cave dweller needs to move on and experience life outside of the cave.  It truly is an act of faith.  This morning I said a prayer and asked for guidance as I allowed my GPS to recalculate.

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