Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things Could Always Be...

Storm Passing Through
New Mexico

As I journey down the road, I revisit and question mental maps learned.  Some are clearly outdated and the landscape has changed as time passed.  Here's one I think about:  "Things could always be worse."

The expression use to make me feel so good and made me take comfort in just being.  All I had to do was just look around me and find the person with a missing limb, a broken heart, or a terminal disease.  After all, things could definitely be worse.  In other words to feel better, I had to give up hope and be content that I had not been struck by lightening.  I had to give up my dreams and be content on being average and just staying afloat surviving.  I had to go negative to be positive.

I see the storm clouds clearly in front of me.  My view is no longer obstructed as I drive on the open high plains.  On both sides of the clouds, I see that things clearly could be better.  It's just a storm passing through, a radar blip.

The road is bumpy and I have since veered off the main highway.  Down the road and on into the horizon, I can clearly see the rain clouds.  My view is unobstructed.  I keep driving towards my unknown destination.  Things I see don't have to be worse; they could in fact be better.  All of what happens today, could all be just as easily better tomorrow.  I adjust my rearview mirror and keeping driving down the road.  It's going to be better down the road.  The storm always passes.

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