Monday, February 28, 2011

How Sweet It Is


My friend Carter and I have been working on an assignment for another friend of mine who makes exquisite cakes.  Normally, the assignments don't take much time other than to set up.  We shoot quickly at the cake setup location before the wedding party arrives.   However, this became a very difficult task as we began to focus all of our attention on the chocolate groom's cake.  A word to the wise don't shoot anything chocolate on an empty stomach.

Chocolate Temptations
As we practiced our trade and took tight close up shots, it became apparent that we were subjecting ourselves to an inordinate amount of torture.  The details of the chocolate covered strawberries glistening their decadent seduction into our lenses was more than most could bare.  We held steadfast.  We did not partake of the forbidden fruit savoring it only in our minds and recalling it with our digital captures.

I am sure that one bite would not have been enough.  Adam more than likely was seduced by Eve with a chocolate covered strawberry.  Like Adam, I would have succumbed to the pleasure of the moment.  Sometimes you just have to savor the sweetness of the moment and indulge.

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  1. You got some great pictures out of the photo shoot, so whenever you would like to torture yourself, just look at your works of art. Better yet, deliver a framed photo of your art and request a piece of the cake as part of the payment for the pic they can now display at their location. Oh, make sure the pic is poster size. ;
    Love your work Al.


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