Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts

Sometimes I see nuts and bolts, the details and building blocks.  Perhaps its because it reminds me of new beginnings.  All beginnings start with nuts and bolts it seems.  Simple parts for complex solutions.  Time passes and I forget.  Then I see them scattered along the way, abandoned in rusty heaps.

Steel Channel Waiting to be Used
It's all about the nuts and bolts isn't it?  They are the fundamental hardware to intricate living.  Without these fasteners things fall apart.  I have a notion that its time for me to fasten the nuts and bolts again.  It seems to me that in order for me to reach the end, I have to start at the beginning and insure that all the nuts and bolts are fastened firm.  It certainly wouldn't hurt to double check.

Before I fasten to steel, I need to inventory my supply of hardware.  Do I have enough to build?  It's time to survey and double check.  You see I intend to build with my hardware and supply of nuts, bolts and steel.

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