Sunday, January 9, 2011

That's What They Say

Checking Out Asses
Decatur, TX

That's what they say is a such a convenient catch all phrase.  "You know, that's what they say..."  Have you ever wondered why people hide behind phrases when it's really they themselves who want to say it?  It's as if they want to be anonymous in their gossip.  Why bother if no one will get the credit?

Truly don't you love it when someone comes up to you to tell you what other people are saying about you?  Who is saying this about me?  Truthfully, I could care less because unless you give me names, I know that it's you who perpetuates the rumor.  No need to hide;  accept responsibility for your own opinion.

Now if you read my blog yesterday, you will realize that truthfully, I could care less what you think about me.  It just flat out doesn't matter.  I know who I am and I don't need anyone else to validate me.  My ancestors didn't need your opinion either.  We existed on this side of the world long before you could say gobble gobble and Plymouth Rock.

What you think about me only matters to you.  Each one of you forms a different opinion based on your experience and history.  If I were to rely on a survey to run my life, I would never get around to pleasing myself.  Since I can't possibly please everyone, I choose to please myself.  My photography and my prose are meant to please me and to satisfy my need to communicate and create.

By the way, do you know what my mom said?  She said not to count on finding any gold with my ancestors.  Now that's advice I might heed.  We each have to find our own gold or make it.  To that extent I may yet resort to alchemy.  Oh and before I forget, dad say's I am lucky.  Should I believe him?

You know what they say....Happy New Year!!

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