Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Cloudy Day

Discarded Truck Among Trees
Fort Worth, TX

My friend Carter and I  got to spend some time together this past weekend.  Its been a while since we've taken our cameras, gotten into a car, and just driven to some unknown destination to shoot.  It was a perfectly cloudy day, the type of day you just want to stay indoors with the comfort of a book and some hot chocolate, we chose to make the most of it.

Condemned Warehouse
We ended up in north Fort Worth, just south of the stockyards but north of the city.  The area had some industry and lots of worn out warehouses destined to be torn down along with their history.   Apparently, they stood in the way of someone else's  agenda or planned progress.

Oxygen Cylinders
Some photos don't come easy.  You have to work at them.  I suppose before you even take them, you have to have vision.  You have too see beyond the obvious.   I've not gotten to the point where I see all of the possibilities of a scene, but I certainly have not given up hope.  One thing I know for certain, it doesn't have to be pretty.  What really matters most is how I interpret the situation.

It was an ugly day this past Sunday, ugly enough for me to go out and shoot.  I wonder how many other ugly days I've passed up in my life.  Life seems much easier and better when I take advantage of the ugly day opportunities.

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