Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Real Dongguan

East Meets West

Let's just say I am a little jet lagged.  As tired as I feel, I do feel obligated to just jot a few thoughts.  China was beyond my wildest expectations in many way.  While I expected it to be very industrial, I had no grasp on the magnitude of their industrial revolution.  China has surpassed us all in a very short span.  It was just yesterday that Richard Nixon ventured into China.

Shenzhen Square
In a few short years, the western world has enabled China to produce more products than they are even allowed to consume.  China Inc.  thrives on producing for the rest of the world to finance its infrastructure projects and maintain economic and social stability at home.  It is a carefully run capitalistic venture.  

We should not confuse their passion for capitalism as a passion for freedom.  The party is still in charge.  Freedom is given but it is not a right.  The state decides what is best for their people.  It is a very well run economic enterprise.

China is now a place where Walmart thrives next to traditional black markets featuring knockoffs of every kind imaginable.  We buy their knock offs and when they shop in America, they seek and buy our name brands.  

My brain is a little fizzled but I promise you that I have both more words and narratives for you.

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