Monday, November 22, 2010

Hanshan Temple

Candles at Hanshan

For those of you who really know me, you know that I would never pass up an opportunity to bring my camera.  Even though I was in China on business, I did bring with me both my iPhone and my SLR.  While most of my time was spent on business, I did have a few occasions to shoot.  We actually did a whirlwind tour of the Buddhist Handshan Temple in Suzhou.

Suzhou Prayerful Pilgrim
Carmen at Hanshan Temple
Suzhou, China
The temple was extremely crowded even during the middle of the week.  It happens to also be a favorite tourist destination for the Chinese.  The temple and its over two thousand year history appeal to many.  For some,  the lure was Disney like and yet for others it was a time of prayer and introspection.

"Carmen" our interpreter was willing to pose for me.  I captured her inside the temple with ambient light hitting her just right.  The camera captured both her contemplativeness and her inner beauty.  The mixture of light and environment only added to the composition.  There was nothing fancy.

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