Saturday, November 13, 2010

If Columbus Had to Fly....

Weary Business Sojourner

If Columbus had to fly to America, we would still be in Europe.  There's no way he would have subjected himself to airline seating.  It simply is an inhumane way to travel over long distances.  The leg from San Francisco to Hong Kong takes fourteen hours!!!  Imagine how wonderful it feels in cramped quarters with no leg or hip room.  It's nearly impossible to sleep and very difficult to get any work done unless you have an iPad.

The hardest part of any journey is simply getting there.  How you spend the time getting there is the difference between a great trip and a seemingly endless one.  If time is all we have then how we utilize time between our destinations along the journey is equally as important as getting there.

It is easy to forget that each minute and hour we have is as important as our destination.  We miss out on an essential part of our journey, if we choose to kill time.  Instead of killing time consider making the most of your time.  Make it meaningful.

When I was younger, I wished the time away.  I couldn’t wait until I graduated or I couldn’t wait until I got older.  Now I am older and I don’t want time to slip by.   As I notice that the days in front of me are less than the ones behind me;  I begin to comprehend the value of my remaining time.

No, I no longer wish to kill time.  I wish to absorb time and utilize each minute and hour as I head towards my final destination.  I recognize that it is equally as important to fill my life with great memories while I complete my journey.  

I am very tired so I won't pontificate this morning. The bed is calling me and I will try to catch some more sleep before I start my first full day in China.  Inspirations will follow, I am sure.

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  1. I've done the Europe leg many times. Though not 14 hours, it's still 8-9 depending on the high altitude winds. China may be on my future travels in the coming years and I do look forward to the journey.

    I don't kill time, I consume it and embrace it. As for 'ole Christopher, I suspect he would have much to gripe about from his trip on a ship barely the size of a tennis court, risking all on a journey that could have gone very differently for he and his men. When he finally set off across the ocean, it took him 5 weeks before he saw land again.

    Enjoy your gift of China, a magical and vast land. Be safe.


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