Friday, November 26, 2010

Chicklets on The Bridge

Hanshan Temple
Suzhou, China

My grandfather enjoyed telling stories and my father and my uncle Louie would frequently relate them to me.  That could very well be why I enjoy relating stories of what I see on my journey to you.  Story tellers tell.

Handsome Warrior
Suzhou, China

Some stories are like Chicklets on the bridge from Juarez to El Paso.  The bridge is full of children with dirty but smiling faces each carrying boxes of even smaller Chicklets to sell to bored motorist stuck in snaking lines waiting to cross the border.  The carnival atmosphere of children and adult vendors helps to pass the hour or so it takes to migrate back to the US side.

Suzhou, China
Tourist at Hanshan
Suzhou, China
My blogs are no more than Chicklets on the bridge, bits and pieces of me. (I know these images are from China and not Juarez.  My Chicklet story still applies.)  Hopefully, they help you pass time on your wait across today's journey's bridge.  I choose to entertain you with both pictures and words, my voices.  They are my experiences and perceptions of my world.  The veracity of what I see is limited by my own experience and my distortions and filters.  It seems real to me but then again, I might be dreaming all of it.

I sell Chicklets.  Tiny flavorful morsels of what I see from places where I've ventured.  My Chicklets come in many flavors but some might not be for you.  If you don't like to chew gum then please don't buy my Chicklets.

Although I like to please with words and deeds, I also recognize how insurmountable a task it is.  A  wise person once told me:  "you can't draw milk from a dry cow."  Sometimes, I forget, but I do get it now.  Regardless of how hard I tug some cows just don't have it to give and I pray to God that I'm not tugging on a bull.  At times, it sure seems that way.

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  1. You've given me something to chew on today, Al
    (sorry couldn't help) it but I like the metaphor!

    I really like the pattern of that roof shot.


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