Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Come Out and Play

Fort Worth Memories

Cowboy Balloon Mime
It's been a while since I've picked up my camera.  There's been a lot on my mind.  This weekend I took the liberty to just shoot.  The Stockyards in Fort Worth always makes for some good visual entertainment.

There's a child in everyone of us that needs to come out and play.  As adults we sometimes forget.  Please don't be offended that I ask you to come out and play with me.  It's just that it's my nature to have fun with what I see and what I feel.

Adults need to play not only compete.  There are times that we need to not only smell the coffee but we need to eat the cotton candy.  When was the last time you gave yourself permission to do both?
Clown With Client
It's seems like its been an eternity since I was a child.  I remember playing from sunrise to sunset with my next door neighbor Susie.  As soon as I put on my dungarees and my white tee shirt, I would be knocking on her door to see if she would come out and play.  The days were full of bike riding, button candy, and red licorice.  We played hard and laughed until our parents call beckoned us to go home.  The next morning we did it all over again.

We didn't get tired of the games we played or of the friendship we enjoyed.  It was back then that I dreamt my big dreams of leaving my childhood behind.  I never knew how much I would miss until as an adult I've observed children play.  Deep down inside, I think it's the reason we want grandchildren.  I think its because we miss the popcorn, halloween, fairs, and candy apples.  Would it hurt so much to just enjoy all of that all over again?

Little Cowboy Dude Asking Dad to Play
So today, I exhort you to think again about that childhood.  It's not to late to become a child again.  Wont you please come out and play again with me.  Let's run down to the candy store and stuff our pockets with taffy, button candy, and licorice.  If there's a snow cone stand, let's do that too.  Life is far from over to let go of the child you want to be.    Don't let things hold you back.  Life is short but it can be so sweet.  Let that child play again.


  1. Never, ever avoid the opportunity to remember we are all still just kids and need to play. Nicely said Al.

  2. You are so correct about Grandkids. They bring out the child in you especially if you let them choose the activity.

  3. There's so much we can learn from being childlike. Growing up is not as great as people portend.


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