Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Clown

Dark Clown

Sometimes the image I want doesn't always appear the very first time.  It may take time before I can fully get the picture that I intended, the picture that's within.  That's the case with this image.   By definition clowns are happy but this one seems to have two sides.

There are blessing with being creative.  We are given the ability to see and sense what others can't.  What is obvious to me may not be as obvious to you.  I can accept that but it doesn't preclude me from seeing.  This is my journey.  I choose to share my experiences with you.

This is not about reality or even truth.  It is about my perception.  It has no absolute right or wrong.  There's no quiz and no penalty.  It's simply how I see it.  I choose to share it with you.

This image was taken with my Canon 5 D Mark II, processed with both Photoshop CS5 and further interpreted by me at 37,000 feet on my iPhone en route to San Jose, CA.

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  1. There is much in this clown's expression. It seems you can apply all the white paint and markings you want ... sometimes what lies underneath always finds a way to come out.

    Nice catch and rendering. By the way ... the camera nor the software created this image. It's that you saw it, then thought to take it. Otherwise this would only be an imprint in your mind.

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck in San Jose.


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