Saturday, October 23, 2010


He Had "a Lovers Quarrel with the World"

New England is the resting place of many of the thinkers and writers who influenced my thoughts.  By mere coincidence on my journey, I found the final resting place of my favorite poet, Robert Frost.

Pennies For Your Thoughts
The cemetery in Bennington, VT is the type of place where romantics would want to be buried.   It is a tranquil place surrounded by elderly maple trees and in the shadows of a white colonial church.  It's a place where patriots lie and saints await their awakening call.

Frost questioned the conventions of his time.  He despised the norm and was not afraid  to get us to ask why?  Thought and reason are not bad things.  Unquestioning and lack of curiosity are more dangerous to our development.

Graveside Birch
Beneath this earth lies a man who was not afraid to live and was not afraid to ask why things were the way the were.  "One could do worse, then become a swinger of birches."  Question it all and perhaps you can enjoy what life truly offers.

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