Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mustang Swing

Jack Walton
Mustang Swing

This morning was full of unanticipated treats at the local farmers market at our town center.  A group of musicians called Mustang Swing played a bluesy form of cowboy western swing that just made you set a spell and listen.  As you know earlier this week I got hung up on Randy Travis.  By weeks end I was ready for the real steel guitar music featured by Mustang Swing.

Having Fun
Matthew Walton & Kristyn Harris
The real treat came in the petite sixteen year old Kristyn Harris a cowgirl from McKinney, Texas.  Kristyn may love her mustangs but this young lady has a Patsy Cline future.  Equally as talented was Matthew Walton on the steel guitar.  The pair accompanied by musician parents Teresa Walton on bass and Jack Walton electric guitar sang retro cowboy swing era music as if they had just heard the likes of The Sons of the Pioneers,  Bob Willis, Patsy Montana or Gene Autry on the radio.

This good old fashioned western music was enough to keep me humming all day long Sioux City Sue and Roly Poly.  Come to think of it, I did marry a "cowboy sweetheart".  There's something special about all of this.  Music transcends our melancholy.  There's plenty to sing about, still.

Mike Harris
Thanks Mike Harris for listening to me.  We started out as perfect strangers at the beginning of the show and parted as friends.  Keep up the work with your daughter.  You are obviously are a great inspiration.  Thank you for sharing her talent with us.  She has truly found her element.

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  1. The Keller Farmer's Market is a huge fan of Mustang Swing. What tremendous talent!


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