Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Valued Customer

Hauling Human Freight
Cattle Cars in the Sky

The airlines have apparently found the last of the remaining Nazis.  These men have been asked to utilize their logistic skills to design airplane seating for the "New World Order".  Seating will be minimally functional and totally inhumane.  This is not about comfort or service it is about logistics and profits.

Apparently, someone whispered into the ears of airline executives that passengers do not want comfort and will only pay for cheap flights.  Give me an airline with relatively good service and comfort and I will pay a premium.  How we are currently being abused on long distances is simply not right.  We are not freight; we are humans.  This was three and a half hours of misery.

Well I better get over it, i've got more of the same tomorrow.  Valued customer, my ass!!!

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