Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Play Me a Memory

Truck On Gravel Road
San Rafael Valley
Near Patagonia, AZ

Feeling inspired again. The creative juices are flowing so I thought I would play you a memory; something from my travels in the San Rafael Valley near Patogonia, AZ, a place where you get lost between sky and endless grass. It's a good place, a happy place where my heart is content and worry free where melancholy makes way for joy.

This morning I want to share this place with you. I want to play you a different kind of tune one whose refrains are joyous. It's a road we need to choose but it's way off the the main thoroughfare. You have to choose to go there. It doesn't come easily. It's a conscious choice. You really need to drive down it and remember it at will.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than being the cantor like Billy Joel's "Piano Man". He's the go to fellow to perk you up with a melody. My instrument of choice is my camera. The memories played back are the same. Hope my images do the same for you.

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