Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unexpected Treasures

Head Lamp & Green Fire Truck
Patagonia, AZ

Been thinking about where the treasures are and how to find them. Many times the treasures require searching and lie somewhere beyond the beaten path. Some times they are behind barriers like this chain link fence. Nevertheless there are life treasures to be found.

Some of the best treasures, I've found, are the unexpected random pleasures of meeting new people and establishing new friendships with strangers. Fellow sojourners on life's journey. To my surprise, I love people and care deeply for them. They enrich my life; its why I freely share both my art and words with them.

There are many who have more than me financially, but few have been blessed more. My treasure chest brims full with the friends and rich memories which I've accumulated. My manifest is full of treasures and my life is far from over. By the way I keep score, I should die a very wealthy man indeed.

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