Saturday, May 25, 2013

Change of Venue

Belly Dancer Before Show
Granbury, TX

It's been a while since I've had an opportunity to write. Been busy with regular job duties and in the interim two long weekend trips. Celebrated my father's 90th birthday in Florida and the following weekend did a whirlwind trip back home to Dallas to visit family, friends, and even did a quick shoot in Granbury, TX.

Belly Dancer Before Processing
This particular image is far from what I accustomed, landscapes. However I try to incorporate some of the same techniques. The original image had many distractions which took away from the natural pose my subject gave me. Given that I was not in a studio with strobe lights and props, I turned it into one digitally with post processing. The results were nonetheless appealing.

Few truly understand the vision required to fine tune an image to make it aesthetically and artistically appealing. It's ok, I understand but you really do get what you pay for. There's more to all of this than just pointing and shooting the camera. The digital world frees you up from one chore so that you can in fact spend your time being more not less creative.

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