Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Refreshing Rain

Near Forrest, NM

A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain
 hoping to be struck by lightning.
James Dickey

All week long we've gotten tantalizing hints of rain and even clouds but nothing has been sucked out of the sky as yet. Our soil is parched and once green grass is dry and now the color of straw. No doubt, like most here in Texas, I've been thinking of rain and the refreshment it will bring us all. You might say I am very ready to welcome the rain of good news.

A reader mentioned to me yesterday, if I knew of any decent landscapes that were simple and that might be of interest to her client. This image quickly came to mind and it also coincides with my anticipatory mood. This is how I view the world, I truly don't think about it. I just photograph and write how I feel and what I sense. My point of view simply has me sitting squarely in the audience with you. You might say I write and photograph to please myself.

With this in mind mistakes are a way of life; feel free to presume my writing includes many of them both personal and grammatical. Like nature and all the elements within, I too am a work in progress.

At this stage, its time to let the creativity surface as much as I anticipate the rain. The rain will get here soon enough and of its own accord. My blades are ready to be refreshed by the rain as is the parched land I tread.

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