Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Under Construction
Keller, TX
If you come to a fork in the road, take it.
Yogi Berra

Most major metropolitan areas have been deluged with simultaneous construction projects as a result of the stimulus plan enacted by Congress and the Obama administration. You don't have to travel far before you see a sign directing you find another way, go in a different direction.

Lately life has been filled with many signs mostly related to construction, things changing and being rebuilt. For the most part it seems that my journey has taken me through a zone that's under heavy construction and maintenance. I feel it and see it every day. What use to be routine takes twice as long. I'm constantly having to wait, circle, circumvent, and go around some kind of hurdle.

The fact is that the only logical choice is to accept the detour. The sign announces the warning of change and it's no up for debate. It requires no consensus on my part. It's forced acceptance. I have to forge ahead;  adapt with the knowledge I have at hand. It has nothing to do with what I desire. It simply is a fact: this road is closed, follow the detour.

In a very round about way, the detour will eventually take me to my destination. It just requires more time and perhaps even more effort. The choice is simply don't follow the detour and I wont arrive where I want to go.

As ridiculous as Yogi Berra sounds, hey, just take the detour. It's the only choice you have.

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