Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anticipation and Dreams


There's been a lot weighing on my mind this past week. As a seasoned salesman, I can sense when a deal of some kind is about to happen. Just have an overwhelming sense that things are about to change again for me this time for the better. The outcome is nebulous at best, but the feelings just wont subside.

After the prolonged sabbatical, I recognize the old feelings of anticipation and of a deals about to happen. The way things are shaping right now, I may have multiple options including pursuing my photographic interests. I remain guardedly optimistic and ready to stimulate the economy. I have monitored and pinched every penny trying to out manage even the best of financial managers. I've robbed Peter to pay Paul and made our dollars stretch. My wife has been right by my side shouldering most of the load throughout this ordeal.

The list of things we need to do is quite endless including carpet replacement and interior touch ups for the home and of course personal items like purchasing nice trousers and shoes to replace my jeans and sandals. Despite these obvious needs,  at the very top of my list is to continue to serve and help others. This is something I can't forget or ignore. Each one of us at some point in his/her life, needs help. It simply is not enough to offer words of sympathy or to pawn this off to some agency. We need to act and help. We are called to do so. To this extent, my experience has humbled me and renewed my conviction to serve and care through my involvement in the Lions Club.

My generation was challenged many years ago by young idealistic President John F. Kennedy. He spoke these words: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country." For a brief moment in our history his speech sparked volunteerism amongst a generation. The same generation participated and watched as it put a man on the moon. 

In our generation, we also saw the fruition of another man's dream, Dr. Martin Luther King. His dream emboldened us to overcome the shadows of bigotry and poverty and to embrace the concept of our founding fathers' that all men under God's eyes are created equal. The fulfillment of these dreams required work and sacrifice. It required the participation of many. Collectively, we still can make a difference by serving others.

We achieved many great things but lost our way down the road. Our idealism gave way to our new found affluence and our visions gave way to political and ideological cynicisms. As a country, it would be wonderful to experience the same sleeplessness over the idea that something good is going to happen to those who have had little reason to hope and have been left behind. We should want to feel excited that we can make a difference in someone's life and in the world. 

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