Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Change

Winter Blast
Keller, TX

Change is constant in life. Each day someone is born and someone dies. Someone laughs and someone cries. Nature provides its own change: sun, clouds, rain, drought, day, night, dawn and dusk. We live with change and mark our calendars by it. You might say it's ecclesiastical.

Since December 21st, the days have begun to get longer. For me and others like me, it's significant. Unlike Count Dracula's sidekick, Renfield, some folks prefer light and lots of it. Winter forces repose with its absence of light.

The mornings are beginning to change again. Albeit prematurely, I already long for spring, a time of spiritual and natural renewal. Things are changing around me but spring will always follow winter and precede summer.

Although I've been impatient most of my life, I recognize that change is part of life. Sometimes, I simply must wait for change and the promise of spring. It has felt like a long time, but I can sense it and feel it.

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