Saturday, January 18, 2014

No Looking Back

A Few Jagged Edges
Pima Canyon
Tucson, AZ

Seems like yesterday that I was frequenting Pima Canyon either on the weekends or for a quick escape during the week. It really was the reward for taking on a job that failed expectations from the beginning. I tried not to show my elation but the location was excellent for what I needed 90% of the time.

Nature fills the voids that money can't fill. It furnishes the art that you can't buy nor the lodging you can afford. It envelops you in its own luxury and makes you wealthy beyond measure.

Yes my images are hyperboles of what I've seen. However they reflect and convey the harmonic tones enriched by my soul after numerous vibrations. In short its how I see it and how I've experienced it. Others, I am sure will see it and express it differently.

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