Monday, January 6, 2014

Desert Solitude

Adobe Fixings
Near Drexel Heights
Tucson, AZ

What makes the desert beautiful
is that somewhere it hides a well.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Was reminiscing about my brief oasis in the desert which I enjoyed for nearly a month last year. It was a modest but quaint adobe home nestled between two magnificent landmarks in Drexel Heights just southwest of theTucson city limits.  For the first time in a long time, I had solitude and plenty of time to think clearly free from the noise of suburban life.

Photographer: Desert Shadows
The barren landscape was filled with gentle giant saguaros and shapely rocks hewn by nature into magnificent shapes all shades of reds to browns. At night the stars provided a bejeweled blanket of twinkling cosmic LED lighting interspersed with an even brighter moonlight. Occasionally I would be awakened by the howling and barking of coyote pups playing before their meals.

This was home. I was inspired even though I was terribly alone. However, even though I had to work, it was not unusual for me to steal time away and come home before the sunset so that I could walk the countryside and catch a glimpse of the daily splendor which surrounded me. It sharpened my senses and I was keenly aware of my surroundings.

Alone is not bad if you can be left to create and explore the companion that lies within. If you can study what is around you and begin to interact with life itself, you will find your role to play. We were meant to participate in life not merely be voyeurs of someone else's journey that makes no sense at all. We were meant to study it all to participate/partake.

From shadows to textures, the desert provided me the spiritual refreshment and renewal I longed for. If it had not been for a financial derailment, none of this would have ever materialized. My journey would never have been as interesting. Despite the unpleasant agony realized, something special happened to me. It was an awakening and a spiritual baptism.

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