Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back to Basics

Kaaterskill Falls
Hunter, NY

An acquaintance of mine posted on Facebook how he has an aggressive form of cancer. He announced how he had always lead a healthy lifestyle but even so cancer struck him. His physicians told him that he has a fifty percent chance of surviving.

His note served as another reminder, one that I've been sensitive to since I started writing this blog; we do not live indefinitely. All of us have a predetermined amount of time and adventure on this planet. At some point time will run out.  If time is how we should keep score than it makes sense to use whatever time we have wisely and for our enjoyment. What would you do if you only knew?

The fact is that we all know we will face mortality. Yet we postpone pleasure and memories and for some we even postpone living. We fill our lives with stuff and work instead of friendships and family. We opt for things that depreciate in value and wane over time in lieu of memories which appreciate over time.

Make no mistake, this writer is guilty of this same transgression, but I've chosen to live my life deliberately as of late. My clock is ticking and my body assures me that it will not be forever young. Now I really don't want to miss anything. So my vision is not solely focused on the periphery but also above me and beyond the stars. There is more to all of this I know.

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