Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Worth the Climb

Top of Kaaterskill Falls
Near Palenville, NY

From the bottom of Kaaterskill Falls to the top is about a 1/2 mile climb. While it seems like a long way the view makes it well worthwhile. The trail is well marked and easy to manage with a good pair of hiking boots and a walking stick.

The climb always seems steepest and impossible at the beginning. What keeps us going is the expectation of what's in store at the very end. Many of the things that we achieve start out the very same way. The first day of school seems so overwhelming. A decision to change our environment scares us.

Over the years, I've come to accept that the hardest part about any task is taking the first few steps. The hardest part of exercise is putting on your socks and shoes. Think about the many things that you accomplished in your life and note how difficult it was initially to get started and moving. The best advice that life and nature teaches is simply to believe in yourself and keep moving.

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