Monday, March 7, 2011

Archival Memories

Someone's Special Day

Just Details
Photography has never been about just taking the shot.  To me, the art of photography lies in archiving the details of the moment.  The photographer interprets what his senses witness.  The print is the testimony of what he saw according to his perspective.  As such, it is not necessarily meant to be factual.

Chocolate Temptations
The world that we sense is at times more interesting than the factual.  We are constantly deluged by facts each day.  The advent of the internet compounds the overload.  Many times we are left numb by the facts and void of feeling.  A full life requires the use of all of our senses.

Some photographers take perfect technically sound images.  Unfortunately, we never gain any insight as to why the photographer took the image to begin with.  What was his motivation?  Without motivation images are really no more than Xerox copies, flat without passion and void of emotion.

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