Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keeping Busy While You Wait

Waiting at Airport Terminal
Jacksonville, FL

Patience is not one of my virtues.  However, it is quickly becoming an acquired skill for me.  Rather than sit and wait killing time, I fill my down time with creative activity.  You will always find me doing something because I recognize you will never get time back.  Our predetermined clock ticks.

As a business man, I spent many nights away from home.  The days were filled with work and the evenings were spent waiting at airports and in hotels.  It was typically unproductive time.  One day I woke up to the fact that time after work belongs to me and that it was up to me to do something with rather than lose another day of life.

Time is a precious gift.  I choose to spend my own time reaffirming my creativity and thereby refreshing my soul.  All that we have in this world is limited time.  It's time to do something with your time.  Don't let someone or something rob you of your time.  If you work for someone else, work hard, but cherish your own time and make the best of it.  There are no second chances;  will never get yesterday back.


  1. Al,

    This post has made me pause to take stock of what's left of my life and what is important. Well said!


  2. Carl, if you are like your dad, you have lots of time in front of you. Just shift your personal "time" priorities.

  3. Well written Al. However, I have come to see that all of our time is OUR time and belongs to no one else. Sure, when we work we give that times focus to the requirements of others. Still, it is our time to use as we feel best.

    Take good care.


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