Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Next Best Thing to Being There

Lone Oak On the Lazy J2
Lazy J2 Ranch
Patagonia, AZ

"If you live your life the way you imagine
you will always please the audience of self."
Al Hernandez

I travel light but I make room for my camera. My camera captures images I wish I could paint but can't. I render them with emotion and season them to my liking for folks some of whom feel that my images are the next best thing to being there. So I submit them to the voyeurs who would rather see than to do or be.

Frequently people ask how did you get that image? I got that image quite simply because I was there. If I had not been there, there's no way I could have made the capture. Photography is about capturing an image but my processing is about creating a tone a dimension that a piece of paper simply reproduced cannot convey.

You choose each day to participate or not. I choose to do, see, and be. I don't want someone else telling me about what I should experience. It's for me to find out, explore, and live. We choose to either be voyeurs or participants in life. 

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