Monday, September 1, 2014

Creative Space

Lone Tree on Lazy J2
Patagonia, AZ

Had hoped to get back to southeast Arizona in time for the monsoon but life kind of got in my way this year. Several life stresses instead have loomed over the horizon this month including the pending sale of our home and the irreverence of promised job interviews. Both have thwarted my short term plans. Instead of waiting to do something, I simply am waiting.

My mind has taken various detours on an unscheduled roller coaster; rather than succumb to the ride full of twists and lunges, I've chosen to find my quiet creative space where nothing really matters other than the perfection of memories of soothing landscapes which accompany me daily. I like to think that the recollection itself will remind me of the simplicity of happiness unencumbered by the shackles of accumulation, deadlines, and calendars.

When I started my journey in earnest in March of 2010, I wanted to experience the same feelings Whitman had when he announced that he celebrated himself and sang himself and what he assumed we would also assume. Four years later, I am still on a quest to find my happiness in a world troubled by the lack of it.

Happiness comes to me via the opportunity to create and when I am in that space nothing around me matters. Nothing moves me until I finish recreating emotional images I've captured. I am compelled to move viewers s by adding dimensions to my two dimensional images. I interpret the landscapes beyond what the camera physically captures and transcend to how I saw or felt about the image. That mood was there at that place at that time when I pressed the button and the shutter released.

There's lots left for me to see and even more to feel. I truly abhor the interruptions that life throws my way. I am impatient and ready to move on and to live, experience, and enjoy. So much to do still I feel. I don't like hurry up because each time I do, I know I've not savored that day the way I want.

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