Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

My Mom
Josefina Hernandez Rios

Today is a good day to honor those women in our lives who have steadfastly been there for their children. Many of these women overcame adversity from fertility to financial hardship and some even the loss of their children. Through out it all they persevered and kept their children and dreams alive.

New Mom: Justin
Three women in particular come to mind whom I have personally witnessed in action. Amongst these are my deceased mother, Josefina, Kim, my wife and grandmother to triplet grand children, and my daughter,   Justin. Today we honor you.

My mother lost her oldest son when he was only about ten years old or so. Although grief stricken for years, she never lost hope and years later had another son. That son happened to be me.

Years later when my oldest sister was in college and my middle sister was in high school and I was in grade school, my mother had to maintain the whole family when my father had a nervous breakdown. Mom insisted that her daughter stay in college although we needed the money. This was a lesson of love and sacrifice that I never forgot. She kept the family in tact and was steady at the helm.

My wife's story was a bit different, she by
Mamie Kim and third generation Annie
necessity became head of her household with little children less than the age of four. Circumstances dealt her a bad hand but nonetheless she moved on with two children two years apart. She provided them with good guidance and wonderful home life which included plenty of pets, memorable vacations, and always bountiful Christmases, birthdays, and any other holiday presents could be given. I was fortunate to finance participate and to help finance these too.

Justin, my daughter has known adversity her whole life. Petite and feisty and true to her red hair she has never accepted the status quo. When told that she would not be able to have children she proved the physicians wrong. Unfortunately she lost her first pregnancy and knowing that she could get pregnant announced nearly six months later that not only was she pregnant but that she was also carrying triplets.

She is an incredibly patient mother. To watch her in action is absolutely amazing. Her character is absolutely beyond words for me and I believe my grandchildren are blessed to have she and her husband Travis for parents.

These women are all worthy of my admiration. There are many more including my sisters and some are friends of mine that date all the way back to grade school. To all of you, I tip my hat and thank you for your countless sacrifices and pay tribute to you.

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