Friday, February 8, 2013

Take a Break

Snow Dust
Pima Canyon
Tucson, AZ

Been enjoying my many walks and hikes. They help me put things in perspective. The bright sunlight also manages to cheer my spirits. There's nothing better than to stop along a mountain trail and discover the sounds of silence. I afford myself the luxury of silence in an era of iPhones and iPods. It seems we are always plugged in and tuned out with ourselves.

Nature enables me to reconnect with my spirit and to see what is important. I seek a peaceful spirit. There's very little I wish to combat at the moment. At this stage of my life, I choose to absorb the life energy which abounds and surrounds me. It's great to be alive and to have another day to see and experience life.

We should pause, take a break, and observe. We might be amazed at what we actually accomplish by doing simply nothing. To some it makes no sense, to me it makes no sense not to. It feels good to be content with the universe. All I have is today. I must remember to enjoy each breath, each moment, as I take natures pulse and relax my own.

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