Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perception Perspective

Fence Line at the Lazy J2 Ranch
Patagonia, AZ

Tossed and turn this AM and simply had to get up, not because I couldn't sleep, but rather because my mind was filled many thoughts that needed to get put down on paper. The San Rafael Valley and what it means is still fresh in my head. It inspires souls like mine. It triggers the heart and it races content.

This land lends itself easily to the lens. It's an artist's oasis in the desert. What I have discovered is my passion for photography has transcended into my love of life, my family, and my friends (even those not met).

Recently I've started change my style. In other words my perception has caused me to change the perspective of my images. I am seeing things more like a drama unfolding in a cinematographic event. Thus, I've chosen to crop my images in a 16:9 ratio. Not only does it help me to tell the story better but it helps the viewer see it. You are viewing the storyboard.

Rancher/owner of the Lazy J2, Sidney Spencer, invited me to shoot because she saw my worked and believed enough in me to think that I would be also be able to narrate my captures with a kindred voice. She was right. The size of the ranch helped me put life in its proper perspective. It's meant for us to enjoy. We have to see, to live is to experience; we have to keep moving thinking about what is here to enjoy and take in.

There is so much living left, so much to see, so much to enjoy. I can't sleep and I hope that you can't either. The land and nature has awakened me. Life beckons; experience it. Don't postpone any longer.

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