Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Life: Old Bowling Pins

For whatever reason, I've always been enamored by details.  Actually, I am fixated by them.  There are images that I can't forget; sometimes I even obsess with them.  

Photography allows me the freedom to obsess/experiment as much as I want.  So I change the lighting, I move the subject(s), subtract out details, and even change mediums.  Ultimately, the image, my vision is in my image.

My wife, Kim purchased these old bowling pins.  I related to the pins;  old, used, down, but waiting to be put back up and played again.  There's nothing wrong with these pins.  They are functional and have plenty of character.  They are full of history and if they could speak I wonder what they would say.

There are pins in our lives.  Some have been removed from our alleys and are out of play.  They are still pins; some say for display.  It's all a matter of perspective, I say.

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