Monday, March 29, 2010

It's a Dog Life

Ever since I've been married, our children have enjoyed owning a pet.  My family loves dogs. Truthfully, I was never a big fan.  Seven years ago, though, we got a blue healer, Buckley, and he and I have bonded quite nicely.  In honor of Buckley, I decided to visit other canine friends at the Fort Worth Dog Show this past weekend.  It was an incredible pageant and truly a labor of love.  Dogs, owners and handlers all working together.

There was plenty to catch a photographer's attention.  These dogs were accustomed to the paparazzi.  It was like the Oscars, Emmy's, and Golden Globes for canines all rolled up into one stage moment.  Truly nothing to bark at.  It truly gave me me, well for lack of a better term time to umm, paws.

These creatures had more groomers than a Toddler & Tiaras television production.  It was an incredible spectacle to witness.  Dogs and groomers who looked like dogs.

How do you actually pick a winner, a true champion from all these beauties?

Portrait photography is truly not my thing, but if I had to choose between taking photos of ugly babies and children or photographing a pet, I think the pets would win paws down.

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