Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chasing Clouds

Monsoon and Funnel Cloud
Sonoita, AZ

Just the other day, we were kids staring at and chasing clouds. Years have passed and I still find myself chasing clouds and the dreams they cary. Its not a bad thing.

You if you don't dream, have a vision, or a blueprint you can never attain those ideas. You have to formulate them so at some point down the road you can execute and accomplish your purpose. Time waits for no one. Get up and do something. Become a cloud chaser.

As I drove through the grasslands of Sonoita to watch the effects of the monsoon, I happen to glance to my right and to the skies. I noticed what appeared to be a finger dropping from the clouds as if it was being pursued by the sheets of rain behind it. There before my eyes was the formation of a funnel cloud want to touch the ground but harnessed by the lack of energy.

Keep your eyes open, chase those clouds, follow your dreams and make them come true. Live your life not someone else's. Time is short. Time is precious.

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